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Man Power

Man Power

We, Bonjourtcs who have followed a protocol with Six Sigma Certified Staffing Professional experts who well much engaged in providing manpower Consultancy services like : “Executive Search of employees and Recruiting workers, Position Evaluation and Definition of work, Validation of Candidates and Consultants, we also Recruiting staffs and Placement of Personnel, Human Resources and man power Consulting, Helping our Clients to Discover, Manage & Reward Talent, HR Resource Decision Support and Process of man power and work force Consulting, we have also a separate team for providing Soft Skills Training and Development for such hiring employees based on their work ethics, Comprehensive Data Base and Continual Market Research modals for manpower”.

Quality is supreme and core domain of our organization Bonjourtcs. Our predefined skills and expertise have cover a wide range of Human Resource activities and manpower consulting initiatives. Having an abundant number of proficient and talented Human Resource Consultants and manpower experts and latest training techniques, Bonjoutcs Manpower Services has been able to break all records in providing excellent manpower and consulting quality services. Through we have talented hr resources and latest application of skilled and watchful Human Resource Consultants and management team Bonjourtcs International Manpower Services has been steadily growing day by day and also year by year and expanding its area of manpower influence. We look forward in developing a supportive and ongoing relationship with great manpower agencies and organizations in USA, CANADA, UK, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA and NEWZEALAND etc

Recruitment Services

S.S. International Manpower Service provides “Manpower Services, Selection Services, Manpower Employment Services, Indian Manpower Consultant, Manpower Recruitment Services, Human Resource Recruitment and Employee Selection Services”. We are committed to offer exclusive tailor-made services to provide an end to all types of needs of our clients. Our services are scalable and our processes provide industry leading results. Modeled on the varying requirements of the industries, the procedure largely aims at providing the companies with candidates matching to their exact demands. Services, we provide are:

Recruiting and Placement Services from Bonjour tcs

Its bonjourtcs manpower consultancy duty to Find the right fitted employees or worker for various job aspirants from different fields of work and is not an easy affair for us. Our pool of experienced & acclaimed manpower consulting professionals’ uses their extensive manpower database to make inroads in various leading companies for the aspirants who are willing to work. With our prompt man power consulting services, we Bonjourtcs will assure every individuals of achieving their dream jobs within the stipulated time frame and limits.

Human Resources Consultancy Services from Bonjourtcs

Human Resource and manpower Consulting from Bonjourtcs is our area of expertise that serves many people who are looking for their perfect job.As a manpower agency we provide efficient man power consultancy services to retain employee/ new jobs, soft skill developments, personality grooming & in various other fields that include various industries job and employee requirements.

Executive Search and Recruitment Services from Bonjourntcs

As a manpower consulting agency we also provide excellent services for both the applicants who looks for job & recruiters by finding good jobs & best staff respectively. Positioning, Evaluatioons and Definition. As a best hr management we evaluate the company for their actual needs of talent / manpower & we do chalk out right strategies targeting to attract right candidates for job requirements.

Validation of Candidates and Consultants from Bonjourtcs

As it is a difficult task for both giant organizations & small enterprises to go through all the a job allotments, applications they receive from hundreds of candidate & select the right person for right job, we Bonjourtcs hr manpower consultancy provide effective services for short listing of candidates, as well as, validation of their needed qualifications.