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Cleaning for Health
Bonjourtcs Corporate Cleaning Services has provided unparalleled corporate cleaning services and cost-effective window washing services to its highly valued clients. Supervisors with over multiple years of experience guide the company's highly qualified and trained corporate cleaning teams of window washing professionals.

Corporate Cleaning Services from Bonjourtcs havesystematic approach and stringent safety protocols have made it the company Bonjourtcs that building managers, owners and developers who soley rely upon to keep their windows looking spotless. All of the company's professional union window washers are fully trained and licensed, background-checked, insured, drug-tested and bonded in their commitment of corporate cleaning .

We serve the following markets:

•Corporate Offices
• Residential Apartments
• Hotels and restaurants
• Hospitals
• Schools & Universities/ educational institutions
• Construction Sites
• Cultural Facilities
• Clubs/ bars
• Shopping Centers and malls
• Stadiums/Unique Facilities

Bonjourtcs Corporate Cleaning abides by a unique methodology of healthy cleaning services and quality control policy in corporate cleaning. Our clinically-clean approach provides the most effective corporate clean possible, while our quality control systems work to guarantee your satisfaction absolutely.

Pretreatment Method
As Bonjourtcs professionals are trained in handling Contrary to ineffective sprays and wipes, color-coded microfibers cloths are presoaked in disinfectants, resulting in the most effective clinical cleans.
Specially filtrated vacuums are used to reduce harmful airborne dust particles
Microfiber mop heads and zero-contamination buckets are used by Bonjourtcs ensure clean water is always applied.
Key touch-points
Microbial hotspots (restrooms, door handles, telephones, etc.) which are identified by Bonjourtcs team and cleaned using disinfectants and our presoak systems of cleaning.

Quality Control Systems of Bonjourtcs cleaning

Job cards
As Bonjourtcs officer will appropriately zone your facility and create a job card for coordinating daily and weekly tasks based on your unique traffic flow of corporate cleaning. Prior to considering our cleaning job complete, all tasks will be inspected guaranteeing our efficiency of cleaning works.
Inspection forms
Our own Bonjourtcs system of checks and balances, ensuring all Corporate Cleaning employees and professionals who are performing highly efficient corporate cleaning services.

Your customers and employees know clean when they feel it comfortable we Bonjourtcs know cleanliness is preferred by all. Bonjourtcs Corporate Cleaning Group's commercial janitorial services will assure that your business's external ambiance will reflects an orderly internal comfortable environment. They may not see us, but they'll feel us in the organized manner, healthy environment we'll create for your business.

Highlights of our corporate cleaning services :

Customized service packages
Our dynamic service packages
A healthy clean
innovative methods and processes for cleaning
Systems used.
Highly reliable staff
365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
Available when you need us
Corporate Facilities