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About Us

About Us

Our company BonjourTcs  was founded by CEO sheikh ali thamer e t al-thani who have 5 plus years in leading industry. On basic of BonjourTcs but important values such as honesty, respect and commitment to our service is considered as our prior goal to provide total quality services with 100% customer satisfaction. BonjourTcs want our valuable customers to feel they can depend on us for all of their entire maintenance needs. This particular fact is one the reason why BonjourTcs have our field representatives background checked and tested for your safety and BonjourTcs safety services.

The founder and CEO of this company has been in the leading field of furnishing, hospitality, Manpower supply and much more. He has served in various country in  positions such as superintendent, company project manager, and owner of a BonjourTcs where we provide all these services.

He has provided excellent services with greater quality to many repeat customers which gave him the entrepreneurial idea of starting a furnishing interiors, preventative home maintenance like that. Our BonjourTcs performing do lists of ample services our to our customers because they are in overseas and somewhere were  in overseas, busy, or just wanted to spend their time on recreational activities instead off. In some case scenarios, BonjourTcs team was going in to do major repairs which could have been avoided with regular maintenances. At BonjourTcs, we are totally dedicated to servicing your needs as we would our own.

Why to choose BonjourTcs?

Have you ever been truly satisfied with any service company you used as before? Probably not we hope! Could you still see dirty fingerprints, greasy parts, or areas that should have been cleaned up well with corporate  cleaning services? Did you have to waste most of a day because they were late-or didn't show up at all properly? Did they charge you a high price-and need to come back to finish or do it over again? We do have answer for all these questions.

we believe in the fact that Home and business owners are tired of wasting their valuable time with repairmen who don't show up, have to make multiple trips to get the job done as prescribed, and poor quality workmanship.But when it comes to BonjourTcs you can’t strain or stress more. We do take care of your total belongings by providing corporate cleaning, interior furnishing, hospitality, maintenance services with greater quality.